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Southern France: Spring 2025


Ready to embark upon a Mary Magdalene experience you’ll never forget?

Join Renee & Anthony for a wild journey through southern France. Each day, retrace Miriam of Magdala’s footsteps and explore her life in what was once Gaul, now France. We will visit sacred sites as well as towns and villages nearby, reenacting some of the rituals and ceremonies it was believed they did over two thousand years ago when Magdalene lived amongst the Druids.

Some of the activities will include:

Ceremonies & Rituals
Visits to Sacred Sites
Divine Feminine/Masculine Teachings
Biofield Attunements & Energy Work
Last Supper Reenactment   
Cultural Excursions
Guided Meditations
Hikes & Picnics
Sound Healing


Interested in joining us?  Email us at info at bluesoulearth dot com and we’ll send along an information package with more details, including how to register.


Prior Retreats

Experience the energy of Mount Shasta with its unique and diverse energies that sages and spiritual masters have spoken of over time. Visit sacred sites and connect to the land through ceremony, ritual, guided meditations, sound healing and more.

A celebration of Mary Magdalene’s life as an archetype and as a woman who walked alongside Yeshua and the apostles—both male and female—in ancient Judea and later in Gaul. Ritual, ceremony, and a feast are all part of this unique experience under the stars.

Not yet aligned with your soul’s purpose? Join us for a soul renewal retreat that includes three days of activities and exercises to renew you at a soul level. What does that mean? Peel back the layers of illusion and discover your inner truth, your voice and begin to speak it with resolve and purpose. Transformation happens when you make that decision.

People talk about balance between masculine and feminine energies but what does that truly mean in day-to-day life? Through energy work, guided meditations, and a series of activities across three days, we balance the yin and yang of our fields.  

There is a foundation to manifestation work and you may have experienced some of these aspects in a workshop or course before. Or perhaps you’ve read books. We combine the esoteric (and with it, the spiritual aspects) and science (and with it, a linear understanding) and take a deep-nose dive into facets on both sides. The end result is a practice you can integrate into your daily lives long after the retreat ends.

Self-love and forgiveness are necessary to live a life of serenity, peace, and joy. Once we learn this and most importantly, embrace them in our lives, grace emerges daily, in every single interaction. We explore what that looks, feels, and sounds like and how you can integrate best practices into your daily life with ease.  

Ancient Egypt is filled with mystery, from gods and goddesses, pyramids, temples, rituals, ceremonies, and legends that many believe to be real. Embark on a journey to learn more through history, archeology, and sacred geometry followed by hypnotherapy for the group to tap into your inner gnosis at a deep level.

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