About Magdalene’s Journey, the Book

Magdalene’s Journey is the story of Rochelle and Angelo, whose lives are turned upside down after they receive visitations from the souls of Miriam of Magdala (Magdalene) and Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus). The voice of Mary Magdalene pierces the lives of this unsuspecting couple with deeply moving, wise and relevant dialogues that clarify and animate ancient, lifeless dioramas into living communities and humane events with heart and pulse. This mind-bending dialogue with two of the world’s most misunderstood spiritual masters and healers presents an inner gnosis approach to understanding Source or God, based on Yeshua’s original teachings.

Myths and religions originating in ancient Judea have long generated more history than could be consumed locally, yet much of the richness of the evolving tapestry of Christianity as it imprinted on the Common Era has been pruned of balancing female voices that could make the story of the world’s most influential religion whole, tactile and human and gender balanced. Her chronicle frees readers from the confines of a masculine view of who she was and how she has been portrayed across history.  

An ephemeral guide and companion while narrating her story, Magdalene’s descriptions of life in ancient Judea and later Gaul (modern France) are engaging and alive. The book also weaves in family entanglements, and the political and social complexity of her time, while rooting the reader in a memoir. You can feel the grief and stress they once shared and smell the pastoral aromas from a rustic fire of yesteryear. Tune into the evolution of epochal events through spirited conversations under shaded groves of olive trees and papyrus letters delivered across the world to expectant eyes.

Miriam’s story frees readers from the confines of a masculine view of who she was and how she has been portrayed across history. Contrary to earlier accounts of their lives, the tale is personal, raw, insightful, and, at times, emotional. The reader is forever drawn to the intoxicating energy of Miriam of Magdala, for her bold, authentic vigor for the truth, is very palpable indeed.

Her chronicle also serves as a compelling bridge between spirituality and science, making it refreshingly appealing to anyone interested in exploring history beyond the storyline that traditional holy books, the canonical Gospels, and other dogmatic teachings have dictated over millennia. 

At remarkably unusual times, the reader receives astonishingly similar parallels between Miriam and Yeshua’s ancient wisdom to the self-aware and participatory universe as explained by modern science and quantum physics. Concepts like non-local, realms and dimensions, energy body, Merkabah, and space-time continuum are woven into the pages alongside rich esoteric wisdom from yesteryear, making you pause and re-think humanity’s conventional belief systems and the very nature of reality itself.

The profound and yet simple teachings, which are layered throughout Miriam’s life story, include love as the constant that will forever bind humanity together and a plea for a re-balancing of the divine feminine and masculine that our world so urgently needs at this time in our species’ evolution. 

What lay beyond our known physical world? Many people feel, sense, and know that other dimensions and realities beyond what our physical eyes and ears can see and hear, and yet the predominate scientific mindset still questions anything outside a materialist point-of-view. More than ever, people around the world are starting to experience transcendental moments regardless of whether they identify themselves as spiritual, agnostic, religious, or atheist. There are countless accounts of people who enter into deeper levels of awareness and consciousness, descriptions of which are uncannily similar to what ancient mystics, shamans, and those with near-death experiences have reported. Yet new discoveries are pointing to a multi-verse beyond our linear understanding, and far beyond what visionaries like Albert Einstein, David Bohm, Werner Eisenberg, and others of their ilk brought to the forefront at the turn of the last century.

Through their teachings, Rochelle and Angelo begin to question the very nature of reality itself. This rich and emotional story may do more than provide a new perspective on a much-filtered and outdated narrative; it may just transform how you process the physical manifestations around you and question whether truth as we have come to know it, actually exists at all. 


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